No one else can access to your encrypted files!

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Bajoo offers you a 100% French secured data store & sync system.

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The top security system

Yours files are encrypted from your computer using your own passphrase.

Store 25Gb of your own files for free!

Download Bajoo and access to 25Gb for free. Sync your latest documents, pictures, videos, musics on all your media. No update needed! Your files are automatically synced with your computer, tablette, smartphone… Access to your latest files at a glance.

Access to your files from anywhere!

At work or at home, files are always updated and ready to be used. Thanks to the passphrase, no one can access to your files except you. A computer out of order or a broken tablet? No problem! Enter your passphrase and access to your files through your account!

Put your files in a safe place!

Your files are encrypted from your computer. They are then sent to our servers, 100% located in France. In anycase can Bajoo access your files. Bajoo respects your private life.

An easy way to collaborate!

Working on a project with other people? Administrate easilly the different accesses to your folders with Bajoo. Visualise, edit or delete? Choose the level of administration for all the people taking part in the project.

Never loose your files again!

USB key, hard drive, computer, laptop, smartphone?! Sync all your files on Bajoo and be sure to find them at a glance.

Access files modifications history!

Feel free to collaborate! Access files modifications history. Restore your document previous version. Files are synced and their former versions are accessible during 30 days.