Save files on Bajoo and enjoy a multi-platform access.

Access to synced files with your computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

Text files, videos, presentations, musics, etc., everything is saved!


Make an automatic files storage. Access to the latest document version on your screens.


Any problem with your computer or tablet? Get files back from everywhere with your Bajoo account!



Access files modifications history. Restore your document previous version. Files are synced and their former versions are accessible during 30 days.

Working principle

Files are synced and immediately accessible on your computers, tablets and smartphones.

Real time or set up sync? Make your choice! Bajoo is compatible with Windows & Linux.The OSX (Mac), iPad, iPhone & Android versions will be shortly available. Access files off-line on all your hardwares.


Sync is to coordinate several processes amongst themselves in accordance with time.

Files sync aim is to make sure there is exactly the same information on two or more servers.