Enjoy the best of technology and share your files the way you want

Select the people you want to send files to. Share a file or an entire folder easily!

Secured share

Share files with other Bajoo users in greatest privacy. Thanks to the Bajoo encryption system, only the share group users can see your files.

Share with everybody

Thanks to the public share, you can send a link to non Bajoo users making them an access to your files.

Unlimited collaboration between protagonists

Share one or several folders with your family, friends and/or colleagues as if they were registered on all computers. Modifications from other users are immediately visible. When someone else accesses to the files, there is an immediate update.

“Collaborative work”

A collaborative work allows people to work together thanks to the information and communication technologies.

New IT tools allow to maximize a group creativity and efficiency when working on major projects. Time and distance do not matter.