Save in the Cloud


Bajoo, your files wherever you are. Any file synchronized with Bajoo is immediately available on all your computers and smarpthone.

5 GB offered Bajoo with the possibility of increasing your backup space up to 100 GB with the Individual offer and 1 TB with the Enterprise offer

Your files are available in real time 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Bajoo is compatible with Windows, IPhone, IPad, Androïd (the Mac, Linux and Blackberry versions will come soon)

Work off line with Bajoo, your files are always available thanks to the function "FAVORITES"

Monitoring of the bandwidth used by Bajoo to optimize its operation

Real-time or scheduled synchronization, the adjustment is done easily


Confidentiality insured by the exclusive encryption Bajoo


Starting from the first saving your files are encrypted (option available from the free 5Gb version)

Your files are directly coded through your computer and you are the only one to know the decryption password

Encryption with a key AES 256 directly through from your computer

Backup and and real-time synchronization supporting an SSL encryption (Secure Sockets Layer)

Bajoo makes a point of making you the only person holding the means of encryption and decryption of your files

Bajoo cannot in any circumstances acces to your files (whatever the reason is)


Share your documents with who you want


Sharing facilitates a collaboration between stakeholders without limits

Share one or several files with your family, your friends and\or your coworkers as if you save everything on their computers

The modifications of other users are immediately visible. Images, videos, documents are always up to date, no matter who the user is


Bajoo for all computers, tablet-computers and smartphones


"Apps" for IPhone, IPad, Androïd, (soon for Blackberry) allows you to have your files close at hand

Your files wherever you are 24/24 hours, 7/7 days

Consult your files from your favorite smartphone/pda

Send your files directly through your favorite smartphone / pda

Share without any limit with your family, your friends or your coworkers

Store your favourite files on your smartphone / pda


For Free !